Gareth Lloyd & Dorian Evans on their way to 9th o/a on The Tour of Hamsterley (Historics)

Photo Courtesy of Tom Murphy MurphyPhotoRally (C)

The latest round of the West Wales Rally Spares RAC Rally Championship saw crews tackle the Tour of Hamsterley

Lampeter & District Members were represented in both seats with driver Tomas Davies seeded at car 6 with Carl Williamson on the notes & co driver Dorian Evans seeded at car 16, sitting with championship sponsor Gareth Lloyd

Davies & Williamson finished the event 2nd in the Appendix K class & 13th o/a (Historics)

Dorian Evans was making his come back on notes in the woods on this event. He has spent the last 10 years winning several road events thus became one of the best road rally navigators on OS Map 146. He guided Gareth Lloyd to 7th in the D5 class & 9th o/a


Arwel Sbidi Hughes Jones & Edryd Evans on the Nightowl Rally

Photo Courtesy of James Hatfield (C)

It was rally time around Aberystwyth recently as Aberystwyth & District Motor Club held its its annual Nightowl Rally

Top seeded Lampeter & District Motor Club crew were Arwel Sbidi Hughes Jones & Edryd Evans at car 6. They did not finish the rally however due to sustaining damage to the car

Andy Davies was out on the rally, seeded at car 14. He had to retire during the 2nd half of the rally due to a broken rear hub on his Subaru

The car behind Andy were the all LDMC crew of Justin Jones & Nia Hughes. They also had to retire due to sustaining damage to the steering of their Escort

Edryd's son Dafydd was also out co driving on this event. But the 205 he was navigating for sustained some heavy damage and they had to retire

Thomas Lloyd, navigating for Elfyn Tandy in car 43 finished the event 1st in class & 13th o/a whilst Jason Thomas guided Mathew Price to 3rd in class & 20th o/a

Several crews were weren't classed as finishers of the event for not stopping correctly and Lampeter & District Members were amongst them. Owain Evans & Arfon Griffiths, Dorian Evans & Cadog Davies, Andrew Davies navigating for Rhodri Evans, Steffan Daniels & Anwen Davies were the crews to suffer this fate along with Paul Nobby Jenkins& Marc Hughes and Tim Evans & Owen Rose.

There were also DNF's for LDMC crews Malcom & Rhys Jones, Arwyn Jones & Rhodri Morgan and Michael Jones & Andrew Gaunt

Young LDMC Navigators Ben Duke & Rhodri Williams also recorded DNF's on the event