Ryland James was impressed with the enthusiasm of the group when he attended the rally day during activities week so arranged with their teacher Fiona Balchin to visit them in school as our Go Motorsport representative about how to get involved with motorsport at different levels. He showed a presentation and gave the pupils plenty of information through Go Motorsport that linked in with the Design Technology curriculum. He also organised for the group to cadet marshal on Rally GB and went through a training program preparing them for the day.

The afternoon started with the pupils looking at the difference between a road rally car and a stage car. Chris Palmer and Gary Davies kindly brought in their cars for the pupils to see and discussed with them the difference between the Escort and Subaru. They talked the pupils through the difference between the stage car and a road rally car and the pupils got to look inside and find out how they had been prepared. Most of the pupils in this group were going to cadet marshal on Rally GB so were very excited to see a car that would actually be competing on the event.

Ryland then showed them a Go Motorsport DVD that showed them plenty of ways on how to get involved with the sport even at school age which some of the pupils hadn’t realised. The pupils then got to see how to follow a road map and went through a pre plotted route. Ryland also showed them a set of pace notes and a video which they followed to see the difference between a map and the notes. Ryland also brought along a helmet and an intercom system which the pupils got to try out along with his stage suit and fire proof underwear! We also got to hold a Formula One seat and wheel, which showed the difference between the metals we use in school to the advanced technology in industry. Ryland was keen to emphasise the importance of raod safety and brought along with him safety equipment including a neck brace. The afternoon finished with the pupils being trained in preparation for the day of marshalling on Rally GB. They really enjoyed the afternoon and Ryland really motivated them showing them various ways that they could get involved even though some of them are only 14. A huge thank you to Chris Palmer and Gary Davies for giving up their time and bringing in their cars, and to Ryland for a great afternoon. We look forward to marshalling on Rally GB!