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Andy Davies & Max Freeman on their way to winning the recent Cwrt Garage Ystwyth Rally @

Sweet Lamb

Photo Courtsey of Neil Constable ©


The ever Popular Cwrt Garage Ystwyth Rally was recently held in the Sweet Lamb Rally

Complex in Mid Wales.  Organized by Aberystwyth Motor Club, the event attracted a

maximum 75-car entry and leading the field away in car 1 was last year’s winner

Lewis Steaky Morgan with LDMC co driver Cadog Davies alongside.  After some committed

driving from the pair, a repeat of last year’s win wasn’t to be as they retired with suspension

failure, a rare DNF for the John MK1 Hire car.


Seeded at car 5 was Andy Davies.  Having recently acquired what Andy deemed his

“Dream Road Rally Car”, the immaculate prepare Subaru of Adrian Forge Jones, and Andy

was hell-bent on riding himself of the bridesmaid tag on this event, having finished 2nd

o/a for the last 2 years.  He was on a charge from the off & led the event throughout before

going on to claim his maiden rally win.  Another hard charging LDMC driver intent on

improving his recent run of good results but breaking down was Rhdri Evans. 

With LDMC member & Rali Bro Caron winning navigator Justin Davies on the maps, the pair

eventually finished 2nd in class & 3rd o/a.  


Seeded at car 14 was Jason Thomas.  The LDMC member only had the call to compete a

couple of days before the rally.  However, he went off on one of the tests that made up the rally &

couldn’t get back onto the road which resulted in a dnf


Oliver Methuen & Karl Johnson were originally down as reserves but managed to get a run at

car 24.  Their sump guard mounting cam loose which resulted in it dragging on the floor for a

couple of the tests.  This didn’t stop the pair finishing 4th in class & 23rd o/a.  Seeded the car

behind Methuen & Johnson was another pair originally on the reserve list, Gareth Hughes &

Daniel Evans in their 206.  After a couple of near misses, the pair eventually had to retire

due to a hole in the sump.  Marc Mayes’s usual outing on this event with James Davies along

side started the day at car 28 but the pair didn’t last long due to the gearbox on their Escort

failing.  Another LDMC driver to make the list of started was Michael Jones.  He started at

car 30 & went on to finish 12th in class & 24th o/a


Car 32 was the unusual 4 door Mk1 of the all LDMC crew of Lewis & Andrew Rees. The pair

have been impressing watchers with their pace on recent events but had to retire due to rotor

arm failure.  Tim Evans & Twm Lloyd’s rally came to an abrupt end when they crashed out of

the event, resulting in ripping the sum guard off and causing considerable damage to the front

of their Proton.  Car 48 contained another all LDMC crew of Iwan Williams & OWEN McCONOCHIE. 

The Pair were out in the freshly Home built Impreza and went on to finish the event 11th in class

& 40th o/a.  Car 52 was driven by LDMC member Arfon Jones who went on to finish 5th in class

18th o/a.  It was disaster from the off for the LDMC crew of car 55 Stefan Daniels & Wayne Jones. 

They broke a shaft on their 206 within yards of the start of the rally but eventually finished the event

15th in class & 48th o/a. 


The only LDMC crew in class 3 were car 59, Carwyn Evans & Andrew Davies.  The finished a creditable

3rd in class & 21st o/a.  There were also DNF’s for LDMC drivers Paul Jones in car 36 & Anwen Davies

navigating in car 47