rich cad gogledd

The weekend of the 20th and 21st of August saw Rhyl and district motor club hold the Rali Gogledd Cymru, a 110-mile road rally, where three of Lampeter and district motor club members, who all happened to be navigators, headed up north to compete on.


                In car 1, navigating for last year’s winner, was Cadog Davies, who once again teamed up with Richard “Ty-capel” Williams, out once again in Richards Mk2 ford escort. In car 3 was Dafydd Evans, who was navigating for Steve King in his BMW compact, rumoured to be the ninetieth event for the BMW since Steve made a return to road rallies, have been a competitor during the motoring news era back in the mid-eighties. Also navigating was Lllion Williams, who was navigating for Arwel Griffith, in a Peugeot 205 GTI.

                The event started very well for Richard and Cadog as they set off at a fantastic pace and immediately began setting some fantastic times in the little ford escort, so it was of no surprise that at the petrol halt that they held a lead of nearly four minutes. At second at the petrol halt was in fact Steve and Dafydd in the BMW, who had been setting good times throughout the first half and held second place comfortably. Arwel and Llion were twelfth at the petrol halt, having a steady run that would see them climb in the second half.

                As the second half began the clutch on the ford escort of Richard and Cadog began to slip, this cost the pair some time and by the end of the event the crew had slowed down to an almost cruising pace. Which may come as a surprise as not only did they manage to hold their lead over everyone else, but they actually extended it to a full four minutes and forty-eight seconds at the end, giving Cadog yet another victory. Steve and Dafydd continued the second half in very much the same way as they did the first, and achieved an excellent second overall. Arwel and LLion put in a strong second half and managed to get themselves into the top 10, finishing tenth overall in the little 205.

With thanks to Joseph John Gilbertson for the use of his image