WAMC Southern Centre Mal Gibbs Award 2017

Each year the WAMC presents an award to a Welsh Rally Driver in Memory of Mal Gibbs.

The recipient of the award is to be nominated and voted for by WAMC Clubs affiliated to the Southern Centre.

The nominee of this award must be a rally driver who has over the years

a)      Promoted Welsh Motor Sport

b)      Achieved success in their discipline, list their success

c)      Number of years competing

Nominations should be Maximum of 100-word resume giving the reasons for the nomination.

Nominations to be forwarded to the Centre Secretary by November 1st. The Centre Secretary will then circulate all WAMC Clubs affiliated to the Southern Centre with the all the forms received.

The Affiliated Club Representative will vote for their club by means of a paper vote at the December Meeting of the Southern Centre. If the Affiliated club are of the opinion that none of the nominees are worthy of the award then there will be a facility on the voting slip to vote accordingly.

Voting shall be as WAMC Constitution and Rule Paragraph 11

Could you please forward to me in writing your nomination by Wednesday 1st November.

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