mark christian

Sunday the 5th of February saw action once again down in Pembrey motor sport centre, where the Rali Cwm Gwendraeth took place. The rally attracted an entry of fifty-one cars and saw pleny of club member amongst them. First amongst them was car 15, Malcolm “Tar” Jones, accompanied by Rhys Jones, who were out in a Peugeot 206 cup car. At thirty-six was Malcolm’s brother, Wayne “Tar” Jones who had Steffan “DR” Davies next to him, Steffan swapping seats for this event, their car being another Peugeot 206. Right behind them in thirty-seven were Christian and Mark Coleman, also in a Peugeot, this time a 106 rallye model. At thirty-nine was Jonathon Davies and Kevin Davies in yet another Peugeot 206. A few places behind them at forty-seven were Steffan Daniels and Daniel Jones in what is clearly a very popular car, a Peugeot 206!

The rally consisted of five stages made up of the race circuit and the adjoining roads at the motor sport centre. The first stage of the day saw the Jones brothers both set top ten times, with Wayne being five seconds faster than brother Malcolm, on a time of 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Jonathon and Kevin Davies were just behind with twelfth fastest time. Christian and Mark Coleman also opened the day with a great time, seeing them well inside the top twenty. Stefan Daniels and Daniel Jones achieved a respectable thirty-sixth.

It was a successful day out for the club, with all members making it to the end of the rally after the day’s five stages. Wayne “TAR” and Steffan “DR” carried on posting excellent times that saw them finish an excellent seventh overall and first in class. Jonathon Davies and Kevin Davies also doing very well and managing thirteenth overall and fourth in class. Christian and Mark Coleman achieved third in class and were fifteenth overall in the process. Mark Coleman providing a small report on how the day’s stages went:

“After a cautious first stage and a cold wet surface we managed 17th overall and second in class 2. The following stage we moved to 14th overall and still held second in class. Disaster struck on stages 3 and 4 as we were held up by slower competitors who took far too long to move over losing us over a minute on stage 4 alone which then cost us second place in class. With too much to make up on the final stage we settled for third place in class and 15th overall. All in all, it was a well-run event and we are pleased with our result.”

Steffan Daniels and Daniel Jones also managed a very good result, finishing tenth in class and twenty-sixth overall. Malcolm “Tar” Jones and Rhys Jones finishing off the club members in thirty-third overall and twelfth in class.

Many thanks to Alex Luke for the use of his image.