anwen classic tracks

Anwen Davies and Sioned Davies on their way to 3rd in class and best female crew (Aneurin James)

Club members have been involved in plenty of action over the past couple of weeks, with the Night owl road rally organised by Aberystwyth and district motor club taking place on the 19th and 20th of May, followed by the Llandysul motor club organised Classic tracks Targa rally taking place the following Sunday, on the 27th.

                The Night Owl rally was to be the third round of Lampeter and district’s own road rally championship and was made up of 100 miles on OS maps 135 and 146.  First club member on the entry list was the Subaru Impreza of Andy Davies at 2, who was once again partnered my Michael Gilbey on map duties. Navigating in car 4 was Cadog Davies, who once again had teamed up with Richard “Ty-capel” Williams for this event, they were using Richards Mk2 Ford escort. One place behind at 5 was Sean Crowley who was also navigating, for Steve Wood in a Peugeot 206. At 9 was another navigator, Dafydd Evans, who was with Gareth Edwards in Gareth’s immaculate Mk2 ford escort. Down in 12 were Alan Gaunt and Justin Davies who were in another Peugeot 206. Navigating in another Mk2 ford escort, at 15 was Richard Hughes, who was navigating for Einion Williams. LLion “tractor” Williams was another navigator who was sat with Richard “Tyson” Morris in another Mk2 ford escort, they took number 25.

                Down in the semi-expert class were Lee “eggs” Plant and David Michael Phillips in Lee’s Mitsubishi colt, they were at 52. In novice class were Calfyn Jones and Sophie Hughes, they were in a Nissan micra and were seeded at 60. Once place behind was Rob Fox in his BMW 318i, he had James Graham navigating for him. In all the rally attracted 65 starters.

                Weather conditions for the night were good with the lanes being dry but there were plenty of difficult and tight sections along the route to test crews, the first of which was the approach to Time Control 3, where crews picked up their first lot of penalties on the night. Best among club members here were Gareth and Dafydd Evans who achieved a penalty of 1 minute and 12 seconds in their escort, with the other escort of Richard and Cadog not far off on 1 minute 16. In semi expert class Lee and David Michael had a very respectful 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Unfortunately, it was an early night for Andy and Michael as they left the road in their Impreza, with both crew members completely fine but they car some distance from the road and carrying damage they were unable to continue, a great shame as they were no doubt involved in a battle for victory up until then. Down in novice class it was also to be an early night for Calfyn Jones and Sophie Hughes as well as Rob Fox and James Graham who had both retired during the first half.

                Time control 7 was the next challenge for competitors, and Gareth and Dafydd set another excellent time on it picking up 1 minute and 10 seconds here, still being pursued bye the escort of Richard and Cadog which managed 1 minute and 13 seconds. Lee and David Michael managed 2 minutes and 52 seconds here. Unfortunately, it was also to be an early night for Einion and Richard as their escort ran a touch wide on a 60-degree left hand bend, clipping a bank in the process which damaged the cars wheel, forcing them into retirement whilst they were holding fourth overall up until that point, a great shame as they would have been well in contention of a podium finish. Alan Gaunt and Justin Davies and Steve Wood and Sean had also retired, Steve and Sean with fuelling issues on their Proton.

                At the petrol halt Richard Williams and Cadog Davies were holding second overall with a penalty count of 3 minutes and 33 seconds after having an excellent end to the first half where they pushed hard. Gareth Edwards and Dafydd Evans were just behind them in third overall with a total time of 4 minutes and 1 second. Lee Plant and David Michael Jones held twenty-seventh with a penalty count of 10 minutes and 36 seconds. Richard “Tyson” Morris and LLion “tractor” Williams were unfortunately another crew joining the retirements sheet.

                The second half was a bit shorter than the first half with only one difficult section where front running crews picked up penalties with Richard and Cadog doing best amongst club members with 20 seconds added to their penalty count, as it had been throughout the night there was very little between their times and that of the escort of Gareth and Dafydd who had 23 seconds. Lee “eggs” Plant and David Michael Jones had 40 seconds here.

                At the end of a hard-fought night Richard and Cadog Davies achieved an excellent second overall and first in class with 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Gareth and Dafydd Evans finished an excellent third overall with 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Lee “eggs” Plant and David Michael Jones were twenty-third with 11 minutes and 38 seconds, a very respectful result for them.

                The following week club members headed down to West Wales rally spares in LLandysul to compete on the ever-popular Classic tracks Targa rally. Targa rallies are open to road rally specification cars but as all the competitive mileage is on private ground, they can take part in the hours of daylight. This year’s route was to be very compact and all local to the start venue, with all the action taking place a few short miles away from the start venue, a great move which kept road mileage down to the minimum whilst still giving competitors plenty of competitive miles. All in there were 19 separate tests on this year’s route, with some tests being ran twice.

                Lampeter and district motor club well represented on this year’s entry, with car 1 going to last year’s winner,  Arfon Griffiths who was navigating for Dorian Evans, in Dorians Mk2 Ford escort. Next was James Davies at 9 in his Proton Compact GTI, he was to be accompanied by Marc Mayes, they had an excellent result last year and were hoping to match or even beat their previous years efforts. Another Proton at 12, this time a Satria GTI which was driven by Cadog Davies who swapped seats once again to try his luck as a driver on this event for the first time. He had Michael Jones on the maps. Richard Hughes was out navigating once again, this time for Damian Summerfield in a Vauxhall Corsa, they were seeded at 16. At 17 was club chairman Jason Thomas with Andrew Gaunt, they were using a Citroen C2. Right behind them at 18 were Tim Evans and Dafydd Evans who were partnered together again for this event, this year using a Peugeot 206 GTI. In 21 was Carwyn Davies, in another Peugeot 206 GTI, he had Rhodri Evans navigating for him. Behind them at 22 was Gari Evans who was using a Suzuki Swift for this event instead of his regular escort. He had Iwan Griffiths navigating. At 39 was Steffan Daniels in a Honda civic, he had Elgan Davies navigating for him. Ifan Justin Jones was at 48 in his Proton Satria GTI, he had Cahill McGuigan navigating for him. At 60 was Rhydian Thomas in his Ford focus ST170 with Arwel Thomas accompanying him. At 66 were Anwen Davies and Sioned Davies in a Proton Satria. Rounding off club members at 70 was Calfyn Jones, who had Dyfrig Daives navigating, they were in Calfyns Nissan micra.

                With signing on and scrutineering duties taken care of the 75 competitors headed over to the first test of the day, at Bronwydd. This test had a bogey time (minimum time allowed) of 1 minute and 42 seconds and having an excellent start to the day were Dorian Evans and Arfon Griffiths, who were only 16 seconds with 1 minute and 58 seconds. James and Marc were another crew to have an excellent start and managed a time of 2 minutes, here just 18 seconds over. Cadog and Michael also had a very good start with 2 minutes and 2 seconds, just 20 off the bogey. Damian and Richard were another crew trying hard on the days opening test and were rewarded with a penalty count of 24 seconds here, with Jason and Andrew on 38 seconds and Tim and Dafydd managing 35. Carwyn Davies pushed hard on this test too and achieved 2 minutes and 5 seconds, so his penalty count was 23 seconds. Behind them Gari pushed the little swift around to 2 minutes and 15 seconds, so had a penalty count of 33 seconds.

                In the semi expert class Steffan Daniels and Elgan Davies managed a time of 2 minutes and 36 seconds, giving them a penalty count of 54 seconds, and Ifan Justin and Cahill began their day with an excellent 38 second penalty count. In novice class Rhydain began his day with a time of 2 minutes and 29 seconds giving him a penalty of 47 seconds. Anwen and Sioned got their day off to a great start with 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Calfyn and Dyfrig also had a great start to the day with a time of 2 minutes and 13 seconds, so had a penalty count of 31 seconds. The competitors headed off to Brynhaulwen, just outside of Penrhiw-pal. Many crews managed to match the bogey time over this test so they completed it penalty free. Then followed a test near Fronwen near Gorrig where James and Marc slid off into long grass and lost some 20 seconds trying to regain the road.

                Following this, competitors went over to Ffos Esgob just outside of Pren-gwyn where a spectator point was located so that fans of the sport could view the cars tackling the tests safely. The test had a bogey time of 1 minute. Dorian and Arfon achieved the best time on this test with 18 seconds of penalties gained from this test, next best club members were Carwyn Davies and Rhodri with 21 seconds. James and Marc and Cadog and Michael tied on 23 seconds. Also doing well here were Tim and Dafydd who were one second behind on 24 seconds. Jason and Andrew were going well with 35 seconds and Damian and Richard had a very respectful 32 seconds. Down in the semi expert class Steffan Daniels and Elgan Davies achieved a very respectful penalty count of 33 seconds. In novice class Anwen and Sioned were really pushing the little Proton and were rewarded with an excellent time of 28 seconds on this test, Rhydian and Arfon achieved 52 seconds whilst Calfyn and Dyfrig had 33 seconds. Test 5 was Cymdyllest near Pontsian, where Cadog and Michael were fourth quickest over it. Test 6 was at Llanfair, just to the east if LLandysul. Cadog and Micheal were best among club members here again with a penalty count of 20 seconds, good enough for sixth quickest. James and Gari also did well here with both crews achieving 29 seconds. Anwen and Sioned were still setting impressive times in novice class with 42 seconds here on the sixth test.

                Test 7 took place just outside of LLangfihangel-ar-arth and here Dorian and Arfon and Cadog set joint best time (along with one other competitor) gaining only 6 seconds of penalties here, excellent times from them. Also joining on times was the Peugeot or Tim and Dafydd and the Proton of James and Marc who both achieved a penalty count of 13 seconds on this test. Damian and Richard were pressing on hard in their little corsa and were rewarded with a time of 22 seconds for their efforts, Jason and Andrew trying just as hard were one second behind on 23. Carwyn was silently creeping up the leader board with very quick and consistent times and 22 seconds was the result of his efforts here. Drive of the test must have gone to Gari Evans though, showing you don’t need a powerful car to set impressive times in rallying, Gari and Iwan set an excellent time of 19 seconds on this test, great going indeed. In the semi expert class there was little to split the times of Steffan and Ifan Justin as both crews were pushing hard, Steffan getting the edge on this one with a penalty of 31 seconds, Ifan Justin and Cahill were right behind them on 32! Another crew really going for it was Anwen and Sioned Davies with a great time of 22 seconds here. Rhydian and Arwel managed a very respectful 40 seconds whilst Calfyn and Dyfrig had 44. Test 8 was over Cwmtywyll railway and most cars here managed to match the bogey time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds over this test so there was only one test left before the petrol halt, which was Glantwelly.

                The petrol halt then followed this test and so far, it was Dorian Evans and Afron Griffiths that led the rally, with a time penalty of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Holding third was Cadog Davies and Michael Jones on 2 minutes and 44 seconds. James Davies and Marc Mayes were in twelfth with 3 minutes and 6 seconds. Tim Evans and Dafydd Evans were in fourteenth with a penalty count of 3 minutes and 24 seconds. Carwyn Davies and Rhodri Evans were at sixteenth on 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Damian Summerfield and Richard Hughes lay in twenty sixth overall at the petrol halt, and their penalty count was 4 minuets and 13 seconds. Gari Evans and Iwan Griffiths had been pushing the little Suzuki hard over the first half and lay in twenty eighth, their penalty count was 4 minutes and 16 seconds. Calfyn Jones and Dyfrig Davies held thirty-first in their Nissan Micra on 4 minutes and 49 seconds. Anwen Davies and Sioned Davies were in thirty-fourth in their Proton, their penalty count being 4 minutes and 57 seconds. Ifan Justin Jones and Cahill McGuigan were in thirty-seventh with 5 minutes and 13 seconds. Steffan Daniels and Elgan Davies were holding forty-first with 5 minutes and 28 seconds. Jason Thomas and Andrew Gaunt were in forty-seventh with a penalty count of 6 minutes and 23 seconds. Rhydian Thomas and Arwel Thomas held sixty third after having picked up a fail, their penalty count was 6 minutes and 33 seconds.

                With everyone’s fuel tanks filled it was back to the tracks for more tests, with the tenth being near Gwarcwm. On this test it was Cadog and Michael that set the standard, only 2 seconds over the bogey time giving Cadog his second joint quickest time. Dorian and Arfon were next on 6 seconds. James and Mark were still going strong but starting to suffer with tyre wear which made finding grip a challenge at times. They had 13 seconds gained here. In semi expert class Ifan Justin and Cahill were going well and picked up 32 seconds of penalties. Anwen and Sioned were still pushing their Proton hard and managed 24 seconds. The eleventh test of the day was at Nant Gerdiden, and Tim and Dafydd pushed very hard over it which saw them awarded with an excellent time of 33 seconds over it, good enough for second quickest here, great going by them.

                On to test twelve at Cwmcerrig cottages and once again Dorian and Arfon plus Cadog and Michael found themselves in the top 3, Dorian and Arfon being second with Cadog and Michael third. James and Marc were still pushing half but with the tyres wearing they were sliding past some of the code boards costing them time here and there, James admitting his second half was a little scrappier than his first half, but they were still enjoying the day and setting good times, with 22 seconds here at the cottages. Gari and Iwan were still pushing their little Suzuki hard, getting the maximum out of it through every test and achieved a very respectable 35 seconds here. Carwyn and Rhodri had their day come to an early end as the exhaust on their Peugeot come off so they retired. Jason and Andrew had also unfortunately retired too.

                The thirteenth test of the day was just outside of Pentre-cwrt and despite tyre problems James and Marc managed the third best time on this test, whilst Dorian and Arfon achieved another best time in their escort, in total they would achieve seven best times of the day. Cadong and Michael found themselves fifth on this test despite damaging the cars bottom arm. Doing very well in the semi expert class over this test was Ifan Justin and Cahill who had 1 minute here, good enough to be twenty-second best. Tests 14 and 15 followed with 14 being at Bangor-teifi and 15 at Penralltfachnog. There were unfortunately more retirements over the second half of the day with Caflyn Jones and Dyfrig Davies retiring. Cadog limped through test 14 but then decided to but to nurse the car to the finish venue where he was able to qualify as a finisher as they had covered enough of the route, although they would finish well down the order. A great shame as they were well within contention of having a place on the podium.

                Test 16 was at Blanedyffryn where sadly the retirements list grew a little more with Damian and Richards corsa breaking a driveshaft as they turned the 90-degree left hand bend that exited the farm, putting them into retirement. For those who were still running test 17 was just outside of Horeb before returning to the spectator point at Ffos Esgob for test 18. On the second running of this test Dorian and Arfon achieved the second-best time here with 13 seconds of penalties, hot on their heels were James and Marc on 14 seconds. Tim and Dafydd were still going very strong in the Peugeot and were rewarded with 20 seconds for their efforts. Gari and Iwan managed an excellent time of 25 seconds through here and Steffan and Elgan were also impressive with 32 seconds. Ifan Justin and Cahill were also pushing hard and their time was 26 seconds. Down in novice class Rhydian and Arwel had a very respectable 31 seconds in their focus. Anwen and Sioned put in another great time of 24 seconds. The final test of the day was at back at Fronwen and all remaining club members managed to pass through it without difficulty to classify themselves as finishers after what had been a tough but thoroughly enjoyable day.

                With everyone gathered at the finish the winner was declared and once again it was Dorian Evans and Arfon Griffiths that took the trophy, with a penalty time of 6 minutes and 43 seconds. James Davies and Marc Mayes were next among club members as they achieved an excellent seventh overall with a time of 8 minutes and 35 seconds. Tim and Dafydd were ninth in their Peugeot with a penalty count of 9 minutes and 50 seconds. Anwen Davies and Sioned Davies were next at twenty-second overall on 12 minutes and 34 seconds and winning the award for best all female crew in the process. Ifan Justin Jones and Cahill McGuigan achieved a highly respectable twenty-seventh overall with 13 minutes and 40 seconds in their Proton, a great result as it was Cahills had come over from Ireland for his first event to sample what welsh rallying was about. Gari Evans and Iwan Griffiths were thirtieth on 14 minutes and 31 seconds. Steffan Daniels and Elgan Davies achieved a very respectable thirty-third on 15 minutes and 50 seconds. Rhydian Thomas and Arwel Thomas were in forty-ninth after picking up 5 fails their penalty count was 16 minutes and 58 seconds. Cadog Davies were fifty-first with 14 fails having cut some of the route.

                Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the day and credit should go to the organisers of the event for providing an excellent and well organised event. Thanks must go to Aneurin James for supplying the image for this report.