Dear Competitors and Marshalls

Now that the dust has settled on Lampeter and District Motor Club’s Rali Bro Caron, I was interested in what Competitor’s and Marshall’s opinions were on the implementation of the “stop astride” rule, together with an additional 100 metre pre-warning board.

Did the rule achieve what it set out to do?

Was Marshall’s safety improved?

Are there improvements or changes that could be added the rule?

Was it a complete disaster or waste of time?

I would be grateful to receive all your comments, preferably by email.

Dorian Evans

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The Wording in the Bro Caron regs was as follows:

There is increasing concern at the driving behaviour of some competitors at manned controls. Arriving at a control at high speed with locked brakes can put the marshal at great risk. If the competing car also has headlight main beam and spot lights illuminated, this increases the risk as it impairs the vision of the marshal. Therefore Competitors are required to come to a complete stop adjacent to the control board at the beginning of the control area, and then approach the marshal with dipped lights. Competitors may only leave the marshal’s location when the marshal is clear of the car.

Driving Standards Observers and / or Judges of Fact may be present at some controls to ensure compliance with this requirement.  A few, but not all, marshals at certain controls will also be designated as Judges of Fact and Driving Standards Observers.

The penalty for not complying will be 1 minute per offence.“