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2014 Senior Autotest Champion - Cadog Davies                                       2014 Junior Autotest Chmpion - Justin Jones

Photographs Courtesy of Katie Pimbblet Photography (C)   

An Autotest, also known as a 'Driving Skills Test' is an event where drivers are given a small course covering an area no larger than 200m square, to test their driving skills at low speeds. It usually involves driving in and around cones and barrels, reversing manoeuvres and slaloms, all against the clock.

Drivers each take it in turn to perform the test as quickly and accurately as possible. Points are given for time, 1 point for every second it takes to perform the test. 5 Penalty points are given for each cone or barrel struck during the test. If the test is performed incorrectly, a 30 point penalty is applied. The winner is the driver with the least amount of points at the end of the day.

We run a Production Car Autotest alowing for our junior class which is open to drivers of the ages 14-16. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult with a full RTA licence. All competitors must be a member of Lampeter Motor Club, you can join the club and enter on the day, entry is £10 for the day.

Any standard car is welcome to compete provided that it is deemed to be in reasonable condition. Cars such as stage prepared rally cars or autograss cars are not permitted. (see the MSA yearbook for full rules and regs)


 Round 1 - 6/4/15 -  Dolebolion, Pontrhydfendigaid Regs  


 Round 2 - 4/5/15 - Pantsod Farm, Synod Inn  Regs   Results     
 Round 3 - 7/6/15 - Ffynondalis, Dihewyd  Regs   Results    
 Round 4 - 12/7/15 - Dolebolion, Pontrhydfendigaid  Regs  


 Round 5 - 23/7/15 - Wern y Glyn, Llangybi  Regs   Results    
 Round 6 - 20/9/15 - Maesionydd, Ffarmers  Regs