andy tarmac champ

Andy Davies with Michael Gilbey celebrate their championship victory with their crew (Andy Davies)

Andy Davies who with regular navigator Michael Gilbey recently managed to achieve one of their motorsport ambitions, by winning the Group N Irish tarmac rally championship as well as winning overall IRTC2 champions, an incredible achievement in their first year of tarmac rallying after a yearlong battle in the Irish lanes. Their story begins back in 2018 as they took a year out of stage rallying to try and achieve one of their other ambitions, which was to win the welsh road rally championship, an ambition that they did indeed achieve. However, during 2018 Andy and Michael decided to venture out to Ireland to spectate one of the most famous tarmac rallies out there, the Donegal international. At this point Andy had never competed on a tarmac stage rally, let alone an Irish one, when all of a sudden it was suggested that he take IDZ the road rally car out, and as Andy says “the rest is history!”

DSC 0251 2

Dylan Davies and Llion Williams achieve a top 10 result on Wales' first closed road rally

               History was made on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of September when the first ever closed road rally took place, the Bae Ceredigion. Organised between members of four motor clubs in the area which were Lampeter and district, Newtown, Aberystwyth and Teifi Valley, members came together to create history and hopefully add a regular event to the calendar. With Get connected as the main sponsor of the event, it quickly became a popular event with everyone in the Ceredigion area excited to see it run and bring in an income boost to the surrounding area. The entry filled very quickly with competitors from all over the UK hoping to get an entry and what was the first event.

Cad Barcud

Cadog Davies guides Gavin Wyn Edwrds around to win the Barcud rally (Joseph John Gilbertson)

                On the weekend of the 17th and 18th of August Barcud motor club held their rally, The Barcud, a rally which would be the sixth round of the welsh road rally championship. It was a rally of close to 100 miles on OS maps 135 and 146. Once again rally HQ was in Tregaron leisure centre with the start car park being at the mart. With it being a rally on home turf for many club members it was no surprise that there were plenty of club members among the list of 76 starters that had arrived at Tregaron. First among club members in car 3 was Stefan “DR” Davies in his Mk2 ford escort, he had Dafydd Sion Lloyd on map duties. Right behind them at 4 was Cadog Davies who was once again navigating for Gavin Wyn Edwards in a hired Mk1 ford escort, Mk1 escorts are a rare sight on welsh road rallies so it’s always nice to see one on the entry list, and with Gavin and Cadog being the crew, there was a good chance it would feature near the top of he results sheet too. Dafydd Evans was once again partnered with Kevin “Penclawdd” Jones in Kevin’s Toyota corolla at number 5. They have been collecting excellent results and are due their first win together, with it being a local rally for Dafydd and Kevin being consistently competitive in any part of the country it was perfectly possible that it could happen here. Justin Jones was at 6 in his Mk2 ford escort, this was to be the first road rally he was competing on in the new car and out to get some more seat time in it, he had Lewis Sim in the passenger seat. Another escort followed, and that one belonged to Gari Evans who was once again with Richard “Ty-capel” Williams, they have been getting some very good results recently and were hoping to repeat that performance here. At 13 was Alan Gaunt in his Vauxhall astra GTE, he had Deian Rees with him. At 22 was Daniel Williams who was once again out in his BMW 318ti with regular navigator Shaun Richards. At 26 were Huw Rowcliffe and Andrew Gaunt with Huw taking his Peugeot 206 GTI for its first rally in some time. At 30 were Jonathon Davies and Owen Rowcliffe in Jonathon’s recently built Mk2 ford escort. Steffan Daniels and Wayne Jones were at 37 in Steffan’s Peugeot 206. Another Peugeot 206 was at 41, this one being that of Tim Evans. He had Gareth Edwards with him on map duties. Richard Hughes was navigating in another Peugeot 206 at 47, he was with Arwel Thomas. Rounding off club members were Lee Plant and Mike Phillips at 48 in Lee’s Mitsubishi colt.

jonny daf flatters

Jonathon Davies and Dafydd Evans on their way to a class win on the Harry Flatters

                Once again, it’s been a very busy few weeks for club members with rallies taking part throughout the country. 2 such events were the Classic lanes rad rally organised by the Welsh border’s car club, and the Harry Flatters rally, a tarmac event held over the infamous Epynt ranges

dylan mark red kite

Dylan Davies and Mark Glennerster on route to victory on the Red Kite.

          The weekend of the 21st to the 23rd of June was a very busy weekend in the rallying calendar, with a tarmac, road rally and forest rally all taking part. All three events saw club members in action, with the first event being the Donegal international rally. The Donegal is a very famous rally which attracts entrants from all over the world. Included in the entry list from Lampeter and district motor club were Meirion Evans and Jonathon Jackson who were once again out in the R5 specification Hyundai i20. They were seeded at 17. Also joining them in the international rally were Andy Davies with regular navigator Michael Gilbey out in Andy’s group N specification Subaru Impreza. They were seeded at 64. In the historic rally Llion Williams was once again navigating for Duncan Williams in Duncan’s Mk2 Ford escort, they were at 3 in the historic event. The historic rally began on the Saturday and would include 2 days of competition.


Hi, the next lot of pr’ing for Rali Bae Ceredigion will now be on the weekend of the 13/14th July. It would be good to have quite a few club members there to help out on our patch. If you can help out please get in touch.




Cad Ystwyth

Cadog Davies guides Chris Hand round to third overall on the Ystwyth targa rally

The weekend of the Sunday the 16th of June saw two events take place on the rallying calendar, both of which well supported by club members. The first event was the Aberystwyth motor club organised Ystwyth targa rally that took place at the Sweet Lamb rally complex. The rally attracted an entry of 72 competitors and amongst them were a handful of club members, with the first being Cadog Davies who, originally was to be with Andy in his Subaru, but after a late night phone call the previous evening, partnered up with Chris Hand in Chris’ Mk2 Ford escort, they took the number 1 spot on the entry. At 15 were Daniel Williams in his regular BMW 318ti, he was again partnered with Shaun Richards. At 32 was Osian Jones who for this event had Tom Beckett on map duties, Osian had recently had a very good result on the classic tracks targa and was hoping for a repeat performance here. They were in a Peugeot 206. Lee Plant was at 35 in his Mitsubishi Colt, he had Andrea Beck with him on this occasion. Navigating in car 46 was Mike Phillips for his brother Gareth, they were using a ford focus. Rounding off club members Sam Woodcock and Sioned Davies were at 51 in a hired Subaru impreza, this was to be Sam’s first rally in 4 years and he was eager to get back into the sport.